“Town Hall reports have been utilized as textbooks and professional resources for various institutions, organizations and businesses.”

Early Education Town Hall Resource List for Parents

This is made specifically for parents, caregivers and the general public and it gives really good information on early childhood, brain development, early literacy, ROI, etc. – and does so in a very visually appealing way.
This is a good source for parents and anyone looking for child care and preschool programs – including Quality First participating programs. It’s also a good resource for describing WHY quality is important in child care and preschool settings…and WHAT quality looks like. Also has checklists and other resources for parents.


Is for those looking for more information on First Things First and the programs and priorities they fund.

Click here for additional sites of interest regarding Early Education.

Town Hall Research Reports as a Resource

Arizona Town Hall research reports and recommendations are excellent sources of information and insights tracing back over a significant part of the state’s history and transformation.  Lawmakers, leaders, businesses and communities have tapped these resources to help advance important work.

Special thanks go to Arizona’s three universities for their ongoing partnership in these endeavors:

  • Arizona State University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • University of Arizona

Arizona Town Hall is committed to making our research, publications, and all other resources available to the public to the fullest extent possible.  As part of our commitment to this philosophy, please visit our Town Hall Reports page to find reports and other information from past Town Halls.

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