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93rd Arizona Town Hall
Housing Arizona
November 2-5, 2008

A diverse group of people from around Arizona came together to build this beginning point  for supporting, improving, and ensuring continued quality of life through housing in Arizona.  The 93rd Arizona Town Hall recommends that immediate steps be taken to advance this agenda.

Arizona’s plan should include the following elements:
  • Develop a comprehensive, statewide housing plan.
  • Public relations campaign to educate public about issues and solutions.
  • Support and implement financial literacy education.
  • Get local governments to better zone for density, mixed-use & mixed-cost. 
  • Form bipartisan legislative committee to address housing collapse.
  • Create more incentives for mixed-use and mixed-income housing.
  • Implement strategies to develop more diversified economy.
  • Adopt regulations for mortgage standards & underwriting.
  • Develop diverse cadre of experts to inform statewide commission.
  • Pursue funding sources as outlined in Town Hall report.

93rd Town Hall Document Downloads:

News from the 93rd Town Hall

  • Yuma Sun 3-24-09: Town Hall Tackles Housing Crisis Across Arizona
  • Arizona Daily Star, Regional plan for affordable housing needed (Feb. 21, 2009)
  • contains a comprehensive story on the 93rd Town Hall by journalist, news blogger Mike Padgett (Nov. 21, 2008).
  • 1/30/09 The Joint Budget Legislative Committee is proposing to redirect the unclaimed property funding in FY'10 to the General Fund. The effect of this change is to cut all State funding for the Housing Trust and State-funded housing programs. Click here to download an overview presented by the Arizona Department of Housing that outlines the role that the Housing Trust Fund plays in Arizona.

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