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Arizona Town Hall is a non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues

The topic for 2021 is Creating Vibrant Communities

Virtual Community Town Halls are taking place now. Click here to check out what programs have been scheduled.
The Statewide Town Hall will be in the fall of 2021.

For a full listing of past Town Halls and their individual content pages, visit our Past Town Hall Topics page.


Arizona Town Hall connects higher education institutions, content experts and community leaders to create substantive background reports on the most important issues facing Arizona. 

Participants also learn about issues by directly connecting with diverse Arizonans from around the state. 


Arizona Town Hall engages diverse groups and perspectives of Arizonans in discussions about important policy issues.

Bring the discussion to your community.

Join us. Partner with us. Support us.

2021 will focus on
Creating Vibrant Communities


Arizona Town Hall empowers individuals, communities and organizations to maximize their potential through informed, respectful conversation.

“It is a wonderful way to hear diverse views and ideas, network and to do something based on information discovered.”


Recognizing that the power to change the future begins with each individual, participants commit to take personal actions based on their discussions at Town Hall programs.


Vitalyst Health Foundation, in collaboration with community partners, has identified 14 elements that must be present for communities to thrive and prosper:
Access to Care
Affordable Quality Housing
Community Safety
Economic Opportunity
Educational Opportunity
Environmental Quality
Quality Affordable Food
Community Design
Parks and Recreation
Social/Cultural Cohesion
Social Justice; Transportation Options
Health Equity

While each of these elements is important in its own right, the interplay among the elements is also important, as each affects the other, and small changes or investments in one area may cause huge impacts in other areas.

What is the best mix of these ingredients for Arizona communities? How can different segments of the community collaborate most effectively to achieve the greatest impacts? Arizona Town Hall will be digging in to these issues at Community Town Halls throughout Arizona during 2020. We invite you to join us in developing solutions for your local community and for the state. For more information about the topic and upcoming programs visit our 113th Town Hall page.


When you're ready to find common ground and move forward, hire us to bring Town Hall's proven methods to your organization. We bridge divides, bring people together, and make things happen. Our expert facilitators can help reconcile opposing groups and diverse perspectives.

We create solutions.

Our past engagements include planning and community forums,   economic development,  community outreach, corporate and strategic planning, and educational programming.  For more information visit our Services pages.

Upcoming Events


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