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What are Community Town Halls?

Community Town Halls provide an opportunity for diverse groups from a region to come together to discuss topics that are effecting their community. These consensus-driven discussions seek to empower people from all walks of life as they come together to create solutions. After a community town hall has taken place, a report is formulated by Arizona Town Hall, with a comprehensive list of the solutions produced.

Each community town hall participant is also encouraged to share an "I Will" statement, asserting what steps they will take in their own lives to create change in their community. 

Want to Engage your Community? Host a Community Town Hall!

Do you have a passion for civic engagement? Do you want to bring about meaningful change in your region? Anyone can host a community town hall and answer these questions with the help of Arizona Town Hall's unique process. Reach out to our Programs Coordinator today to learn how we can collaborate.

For a list of upcoming programs, visit the Upcoming Events page.

For more information on this year's topic "Equity for All Arizonans," click here to visit the topic media page.

Arizona Town Hall is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues

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