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103rd Arizona Town Hall
Strong Start - Early Education in Arizona
November 3-6, 2013, Grand Canyon

103rd Town Hall Document Downloads:


See photos from the Early Education Town Hall


On Thursday, November 7, at 5:30 p.m., Arizona Horizon's Arizona Town Hall's President Tara Jackson, and Todd Sanders, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber, were interviewed on the recommendations from the Early Education Town Hall.  Watch it on Eight's website.

Education - the best investment for our future, a guest opinion by Arizona Town Hall President Tara Jackson, appeared in the Arizona Capitol Times on January 31, 2014.  "Arizona can build from its strengths, which include one of the largest and best community college systems in the country, world-class universities and a culture of innovation."  Read more…

Town Hall advocates for Arizona's youngest children, an article which also appeared in the Arizona Capitol Times on January 31, 2014, highlights the recommendations from the Early Education Town Hall.  Read more

AZEDNEWS, January 27, 2014  “Everybody has a stake in early childhood education,” said Anne B. Rawlings with First Things First’s Yavapai Regional Partnership Council. “When children are given the resources they need during those first five years, statistics show they do better in school, the workforce later on, and become more contributing citizens. That affects everybody.” - ARIZONA TOWN HALL CALLS FOR MORE EARLY EDUCATION RESOURCES

Activities: Monday's lunch program speaker was Adele Diamond, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and the Canada Research Chair in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Monday's dinner program speaker was Rob Grunewald, Associate Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.  (Read a recent Q&A with Rob Grunewald that appears in the just published issue of the ASBA Journal.) Tuesday's lunch program featured presentation of the Shirley Agnos Arizona Town Hall Legacy Award to John Haeger, President of Northern Arizona University.  In addition, there was special entertainment by the Northern Arizona University School of Music Students.

Many thanks to our sponsors (listed in order of financial contributions):

  • APS
  • Helios Education Foundation
  • Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
  • SRP
  • Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation
  • Boeing Company
  • Cox Charities
  • First Things First
  • Adelante Foundation
  • Snell & Wilmer
  • Town of Marana

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George Rushing.
Trinity Donovan, Jennifer Frownfelter, and Emma Gully.
Chair Dave Howell and Recorder Laura Sixkiller of Panel Yucca.
George Miraben and Rebecca Timmer.
Special entertainment provided by Northern Arizona University School of Music students.
Eric Descheenie.
Scott Rhodes.
Shanna Kukla, Laura Sixkiller, Betsy Peck, and Jaymie Jacobs.
Stella Carr, Aubrey Durham, and Karen Ortiz.
John Haeger, President of Northern Arizona University, awarded the Shirley Agnos Arizona Town Hall Legacy Award by Shirley Agnos.
Casey Rooney and Scott Rhodes.
Shirley Agnos and John Haeger.
Shawn Buckhanan.
Mary Beth Turner, Lucille Watahomigie, and Char Imus.
Aubrey Durham, Recorder Gus Schneider, and Chair George Miraben of Panel Hedgehog.
Monday evening's featured Speaker Rob Grunewald.
Torri Anderson, Patty Merk, and Anne Babinsky Rawlings.
Tom Slonaker and Len Kirschner.
Bob Strain, Cory Underhill, Chet Hedden, La Vonne Douville, and Jane Strain.
Gina Villareal and Mayra Chin.
Patt Nightingale.
Len Kirschner, Scott Rhodes, and Barry Williams.
Emma Gully, Casey Rooney, and Rebecca Timmer.
President Tara Jackson and Madeline Loughlin.
Tammy Lynn McConahay and Kim Winzer.
Panel Ocotillo discussion.
Shanna Tautolo, Roxanne Thomas, and Marty Shultz of Panel Ocotillo.
Char Imus, Mary Beth Turner, and Tannya Gaxiola of Panel Cholla.
Recorder Emma Gully and Chair Rebecca Timmer of Panel Cholla.
Recorder Jennifer Frownfelter and Chair Casey Rooney of Panel Saguaro.
Panel Hedgehog discussion.
Todd Sanders and Sandy Merz.
Dee Tamminen, Mayra Chin, and Julie Torres.
Brenda Thomas, Scott Turner, Nina Slonaker and Kimberly Flack
Marilee Dal Pra
Recorder Emma Gully and Panel Chair Rebecca Timmer of Panel Cholla
John Field at Plenary Session

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